Cooking? Not so much...

Egg Day happened in April, but not in May because it would have fallen on Memorial Day.

Sadly, I've not been cooking much. I've been busy though. I suppose I did make Lilac Jelly again this year which turned out lovely.

I am now part of a group called Life(dot)Next, and there's incredible community building there. I also brought the movie, May I Be Frank to Columbus a second time this spring. Lastly, my Deaf and Blind kids are graduating so this time of the year is busy.

I think the biggest challenge to me getting into the kitchen is just some fair amount of stress about finding a new job. Mind you I'm in kitchens for work. That piece of my job I love! But it's not enough. The problems I solve are the same problems I've dealt with for decades. I want some new challenges. It makes a girl sad to think about leaving. Actually, I've only just recently wrapped my head around the fact that I really MUST leave. Not that it seems like a good idea or something I should investigate. There's been some relief in that, so I think the muddy cloud is lifting.

So there, the blog isn't dead or dying. Community and cooking are still key for me. Should  be fun to see it unfold.

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